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How PLR Articles Can Save You Time 

 Feeling overwhelmed with all the Internet Marketing tasks you need to do? Get your life back by using plr articles. When you are running an Internet business there is a great deal to do and often you end up spending all your time either writing content for your website or blog – or even to put on places like article directories.  It is easy to end up spending all your time writing website content  – whether you can do it well or not.

 Sometimes you spend a bomb in outsourcing; other times you may buy PLR articles only to find they are such poor quality that you don’t want your name or website to be associated with them. That would only make you a laughing stock and if people laugh at the articles they find on your website they will almost certainly not take your products seriously either.

 So Let’s Get Serious.

 You can get the website content you need right here at just $6 for a pack of five 400-word plr articles. That’s good quality at a good price! 

You can also get three free gifts  just for entering your email address at the right.

What? Free PLR just for joining my email list?

That’s right!

 What are they?

But wait! what if these plr gifts are not relevant to you?

 Then you can change your free gifts by emailing me with the topics you would like from the shopping cart. That’s right; choose your own free gifts of two article packs from the categories section. Just click on the contact link in the header above and let me know you signed up and which article packs you want. I will send them to you ASAP

This is where you come for top quality plr articles on a variety of topics. Articles that have been SEO optimized with certain keywords so they are search engine friendly, but certainly not overstuffed. You will be proud to own them.

 You can now get the kind of good website content that is needed to make your business a success. You can use these articles in any number of ways. 

  • Break them up.
  • Add them together to make a long report.
  • Give them away as a freebie
  • Use them as content for your blog or website
  • Put them on a Squidoo lens if you do that for marketing
  • Use them as email content. 

Better still, your new articles are ready right now; you can pay, download them straight away and get to work.

 No waiting around for that outsourcer to finish the job – and then finding that it is really below par. 

No need to worry about the grammar in your article not being up to scratch. 

No more wasting time doing things you hate. 

Leave the writing to someone who actually enjoys it! Who? Me! 

Here is what two happy customers had to say about my plr articles 

Your horse PLR is by far the best that I have found anywhere. Thanks!



I just wanted to tell you that I hired a person with a BA to write some articles and I could barely understand what she was talking about. Your private label rights health articles are far better, thanks a bunch!


  I admit it; I didn’t get to university. But my grade school teacher was really into reading and writing, spelling and punctuation. He believed it was his absolute duty to make sure all the kids in his class got straight A’s in their English. And guess what? It rubbed off on me.

I now make a living writing books, short stories and articles that are published both online and off, in both trade publications and educational magazines. I have learned the basics of SEO to make your plr articles even more suited to Internet Marketing.

With these articles you are going to get your dream website or marketing effort up and running quickly.

You will be doing what you are good at without having to worry about where to find great articles.

Getting a jump start with your website will give you the best feeling of satisfaction.

How awesome is that?

So what about the problem of duplicate content? Many people who don’t really understand how the search engines work do worry about this, but Google – the biggest search engine – will tell you that it does not penalize people for duplicate content that is on a different website from yours.

Here’s quote straight from Google WebMaster Central Blog:

•”Google wants to serve up unique results and does a great job of picking a version of your content to show if your sites includes duplication. If you don’t want to worry about sorting through duplication on your site, you can let us worry about it instead.
•Duplicate content doesn’t cause your site to be penalized. If duplicate pages are detected, one version will be returned in the search results to ensure variety for searchers.
•Duplicate content doesn’t cause your site to be placed in the supplemental index. Duplication may indirectly influence this however, if links to your pages are split among the various versions, causing lower per-page PageRank.”


Many experienced Internet Marketers put their best content on their own websites first, and then they use it in other ways such as uploading it to article directories after Google has indexed it. Naturally you won’t want to have duplicate content on your own website. That would be like repeating yourself to your clients over again.

But what about the fact that other people also buy the same articles? I’m glad you brought that point up. Not everyone cares about that, but if you do, it is relatively easy to change these articles so that they are different from the originals. A new beginning and ending sentence or paragraph and a few changes in the middle will do it. But unless you want it specifically for your website there is no need to change it. Why?

Because when you offer it as a free gift to your customers, it won’t actually be displayed on the World Wide Web. For instance, supposing you had a website selling horse products. You could offer those plr horse articles as a free report to your visitors for opting in to your list instead of putting them on your website. Your visitors come to your website looking for information and to buy what you have to offer, right? Getting a valuable free report will encourage them to sign up.

They are not the internet marketer; you are.

These plr articles are sold in sets of 5 for your convenience. That makes them ideal for a free report.

The price is laughably affordable at just $6 per pack of 5×400-word articles.

These could be sold to hard copy magazines for $50 to $100 dollars each – more for the longer ones.  

Why is the price so low? Because by offering them to many customers there is the potential to sell them many times over and so make even more. That way YOU WIN and so do I.

Besides, when I write them to sell on my website, I can write them the way I like, rather than having to follow a difficult brief supplied by the editor of a magazine.

So click on the category links up there on the right to get YOUR new articles right here and now and get that website, new offer, report or whatever you have up your sleeve going without any more delay.

And if you subscribe with your email address you can even request plr or unique articles on the topic of your choice. And don’t forget those three free gifts. What are they again?

Click on the links to check out the titles in the last two gifts. You get them all for free when you put your name and email address in the box on the top right of this page and click submit.

Cool, hey?

To Your Success

Beverley Boorer

PS Don’t be one of those people who keep on putting their dreams to one side. Get what you need right now. You’ll be glad you did.

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